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Vision : Emergence of a society with a just social order, where each individual achieves their basic rights – food, clothing, shelter, health and education, where values and attitudes of each individual are respected, human rights and individual dignity is maintained.

 Mission : To facilitate the process of empowerment of the people by way of steadily enabling them to take control of their lives, resources and democratic institutions.

 The Strategies and Core Principles: To fulfil the immediate aim of promoting the socio economic development of the tribal and rural poor. Primacy is given to the enhancement of community’s knowledge and healthy practices especially Involving rural women and encouraging their participation in the process of village development.

 Our Values

  •   Non-Violence
  •   Equity
  •   Accountability
  •   Transparency

Executive Body- Jivan Vikas has an executive body consisting of 7 members who meet at least once in six month to review the performance and financial position of the organisation and to adopt resolutions containing suggestion and direction for the secretary to act on the same.

Legal Status of the Organisation

The organisation has been registered under the following laws.

  •   Societies Registration Act of 1860, registered on 13th March 2003.
  •   Registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) of 1976, on 25th January 2007.
  •  Registered under Income Tax Act 1961 on 2004-05.
  •  Registered under Employees Provident Fund Organisation Registered in 2011.


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