Event List
  • Facilitate the process of Community Claim.
  • Campaign on Homestead Land Rights.
  • Training to Forest Rights Committees.
  • Promotion and Revival of Millets.
  • State level Workshop on Habitat Rights.
  • Documentation on the Millet and Lac Cultivation as part of the natural farming process.
  • Indigenous Seed Exchange Fair.
  • Panchayat Level Orientation to the Community Leaders on PESA.
  • Exposure Visit of Children.
  • Meeting of Adivasi Children on Tribal Identity & Culture .
  • Booklet on Adivasi Leaders  for Children in Adivasi Language.
  • Emergency Medical & Referal Support to Children.
  • Public Hearing on RTE.
  • Monitoring of ICDS and NRC.
  • Exposure of the Community to Habitat Rights.
  • Training to Village Youth & Community Leaders  on Environmental Laws & legislations.
  • Campaign on Adverse Sex Ratio.
  • Gender Training.

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